Invasive aquatic plants

Parrot feather, yellow flag iris, water hyacinth ©Janet AllenParrot feather (the feathery, stuff on the surface of the water), yellow flag iris (the spiky stuff sticking out of the water), and water hyacinth (the bulbous plant in front)

When we started looking for pond plants, they suggested a number of plants that I later learned weren't native to North America. Moreover, parrot feather (Myriophyllum aquaticum), is potentially invasive to waterways. Although my pond doesn't connect to a waterway, parrot feather will grow in soil as well, and so it could eventually move out of my yard.

Another non-native plant they sold me was yellow flag iris (Iris pseudacorus). It's attractive, but some states are reporting that this plant has become a nuisance.

For a while, we also "planted" water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), an interesting plant with an air bladder. It currently cannot overwinter here in Central New York, but in a future with climate change, who knows? I doubt it could be harmful at the moment, but I think it's important to establish viable landscapes now instead of waiting until it's an emergency.

We removed all of these plants from our pond.

LESSON: I learned to research first and buy later. I now know that garden centers will sell anything people will buy!