Seasons in our wildlife habitat garden

We have very definite seasons here in Central New York (to say the least) . Since our yard is not dominated by lawn, there's a great variety in our habitat garden through the year, making it more enjoyable than the sterile landscapes of most suburban yards.

Hemlocks providing cover ©Janet AllenHemlocks (Tsuga canadensis) provide good cover in all seasons

Although people (at least here up north) think of spring, summer, and fall as the gardening season, wildlife sees our yards as a habitat all year. We try to provide for their needs through all the seasons.

In terms of habitat gardening, winter is most different from the other seasons. Gone are the flowers, gone are the leaves, gone are the insects—at least the ones flying around, about to become a meal.

Winter is a challenging time for creatures that remain active through the long, cold, snowy Central New York winter, and we try to provide what they need to make it through to spring.

Our habitat garden through the seasons

Here's how our yard changes through the seasons: