Creatures invading our habitat garden

Cowbird ©Janet AllenA baby (native) cowbird

Generally, creatures that are native to an area belong in that ecosystem, whether they're appealing to humans or not.

But some native creatures—generally due to the way people have changed the environment—have become out of balance in their native ecosystems:

Robin getting worm  ©Janet Allen
A robin getting a (yes, non-native!) worm from our path

Non-native creatures often cause problems because the native plants and animals haven't evolved with them and so have few defenses against them. These include:

  • Earthworms (yes, earthworms!)
  • Birds
    • House sparrows
    • European starlings
  • Insects
    • Japanese beetle
    • Viburnum leaf beetle
    • Honey bee?
    • Cabbage white butterfly
Remains of a cardinal  ©Janet Allen
The remains of a cardinal — courtesy of a cat

And don't forget CATS, another non-native invasive creature wreaking havoc in our yard and beyond.