Other insects in our habitat garden

Grandson inspecting a beetle ©Janet AllenOur grandson inspecting a beetle
Kids know that insects are interesting!

Insects are the foundation of the food web … and native plants are prerequistes for their survival.

By providing native plants, we're providing habitat for many insects.

Of course, also important is that we don't use insecticides or bug zappers. Bug zappers have been shown to be ineffective against mosquitos anyway.

We don't worry about which are the "bad" ones or the "good" ones. We let them sort it out as they have for millions of years.

We do make special efforts, though, for some insects, such as:

And although they're not actually insects, we also appreciate the role spiders play in nature.

Our insect visitors

Lacewing ©Janet Allen
A lacewing

Here are some other interesting insects we've noticed in our habitat garden.

Some are big enough to be obvious, but we're rewarded by looking more closely, since many fascinating insects are pretty small. We just have to remind ourselves to look.

Daddy longlegs ©Janet Allen
One of my favorites - a daddy longlegs

This is one of my favorite insects. Despite its appearance, though, it's not a spider. And despite myths about it being poisonous, it's harmless (and with the number of them around, we'd see a lot of people dying if that were so!) and actually considered to be beneficial.

When we used to go camping, we'd always find a lot of daddy longlegs on the surfaces of the tent and we'd carefully remove them before packing up the tent so they wouldn't get squished.