Food for birds

We provide a variety of food for birds in as natural a state as possible and in all forms:

More information about insects, seeds, fruit, and nectar is in the Habitat section.

Seeds for birds

Nyger seed feeder ©Janet AllenSome goldfinches and pine siskins are enjoying nyger seed.

People always think of seeds first when they think of feeding birds. But a lot of birds don't even eat seeds.

People also think of buying seeds in a bag. We do that, too, but there are other natural sources of seed, too.

An advantage of not relying solely on bird feeders is that food for birds is distributed more naturally throughout the yard. This cuts down on disease transmission from bird to bird, moldy seed under feeders, and the gathering of birds in one spot as a cat café.

Goldfinch eating anise hyssop seeds ©Janet AllenGoldfinch eating anise hyssop seeds in the winter

Grasses are an obvious source of seeds, but I leave other plants besides grasses standing, too.

One of their favorites is anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum). I've seen goldfinches and juncos enjoying these seeds, and I'm sure there are other birds eating them, too.

Sparrows, such as the white-throated sparrow, find seeds on the ground that fall from plants such as these.

Blue jay waiting for peanuts ©Janet AllenBlue jay at my window wondering where the peanuts are

I put peanuts out for the blue jay in the winter.

I don't do this in the summer, though, because other birds raising babies are upset when blue jays are around. It doesn't take long for them to start coming around for peanuts again in the winter.

Here's more information about seeds …