Food for amphibians

Green frog eating a dragonfly ©Janet AllenOne of our green frogs just after catching a dragonfly

We're confident that our yard provides prime hunting grounds for our frogs and toads.

Since we don't use any pesticides, we have a good supply of native insects available for their meals. And we're especially happy to welcome toads, who eat slugs and lots of other garden pests. I've heard it said that people don't really have a slug problem, they have a deficiency-of-toads problem!

Down to the wings
Just the wings are left

I have yet to get a photo of a frog or toad catching something. In fact, I've rarely actually seen them eating an insect or eating anything at all. Of course, they must be eating since they continue to survive, and they look well-fed. But generally, they're sitting around just waiting.

When I have seen them catch an insect, it happens so very quickly, that I guess I'll never get a photo of the deed.