Yard signs

All of our signs ©Janet Allen
All of our signs

One of the principles of BRASH is to Advertise and tell people why you're creating a different type of landscape. One way we do this is by displaying signs.

The signs (described below) are professionally-designed, durable, and have remained attractive through the years. They each cost around $20—some more, some less—but we think they're worth purchasing since they're well-made, and because our purchases help support these organizations.

We haven't yet found the best way to display them. I'm not really happy with the way I've attached them to the metal arbor, but it's good enough until I find a better way.

We've also created our own signs, which anyone can download and print out for their own yard.

Signs we purchased

pesticide sign ©Janet Allen
Syracuse Cultural Workers

The sign says, "Pesticide Free: This area SAFE FOR CHILDREN, pets, and other living things." (Formerly available from the Syracuse Cultural Workers.)

Ladybug sign ©Janet Allen
Beyond Pesticides

This is the sign we purchased from Beyond Pesticides.

Wild Ones sign ©Janet Allen
Wild Ones

We purchased this sign from Wild Ones. It's not a certification program, and anyone can display it.

Monarch Waystation sign ©Janet Allen
Monarch Watch

After becoming certified as a Monarch Waystation, we were eligible to purchase this sign. Not only does it advertise why we are planting milkweed and nectar plants, but it also is a public education message to let people know that milkweed is essential for monarchs. We do see people reading our signs, so we hope we're helping educate people about the importance of milkweed.

Pollinator sign ©Janet Allen
The Xerces Society

We purchased this sign from The Xerces Society, both because we wanted to explain why we're providing habitat for bees to passers-by, but also because we want to support all the good work Xerces does.

Backyard Wildlife Habitat ©Janet Allen
National Wildlife Federation

This was our first sign, purchased shortly after we became certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. The name of the program has since been changed to Certified Wildlife Habitat and the sign is different, too. (You can also now purchase some really snazzy wall or yard plaques, but they're very expensive.)