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Yard sign ©Janet Allen
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Over the years, we've created and displayed our own signs, partly in the spirit of BRASH and partly in the spirit of educating and inspiring the people passing our yard to think about how they can make a difference. I've tried to keep "education" and "inspiration" as the guiding principles. (Our purchased signs are described here.)

But when I see the little yellow pesticide signs all over the neighborhood, it's all I can do to keep the message positive. After all, how do people conclude that lawns are more important than the health of children, pets, and wildlife?


Welcome sign ©Janet AllenA welcome sign -Here's the .pdf file

I just print these signs out on cardstock, laminate them, and attach them to a stick—either a nice, neat post purchased at a big box store, or more often, some straight sticks from prunings. I've also used some small, curved bamboo trellises.

These are all 8 x 11 ½ or 11 x 14 signs—nothing too large—and they're all displayed pretty close to the ground. I don't put all of them out at once, of course, although I always have at least one pesticide-related sign displayed.

I've been pretty pleased at how well these signs hold up when laminated. (Initially I had just covered the signs with plastic and sealed the edges with tape, but that just didn't work.) Each laminated sign has lasted a number of years, though some have become faded if they've been displayed very long; then I just reprint them. Overall, it's been very affordable.

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