Join with others

Wild Ones

Joining a community of like-minded people in organizations such as WIld Ones is a powerful way to promote habitat gardening in the world beyond our yard. Here in Central New York, the local chapter of Wild Ones is Habitat Gardening in Central New York.

We've found that the advantages of taking part in such an organization are that

  • we continue to learn more and more about our local ecoregion and about habitat gardening at our monthly meetings
  • we meet fellow citizens who are also working to leave a legacy of a living planet
  • we're supporting a larger, national effort to spread the word about habitat gardening

Supporting like-minded organizations

We're pretty frugal in most areas of our lives, but we believe in supporting organizations with our membership and donations.

Here are some of the wildlife- and environment-related organizations we support with our memberships and/or our donations.