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Bringing Nature Home

Even though we were well on our way creating our habitat garden when Bringing Nature Home was published, it was still enlightening.

We already knew native plants were important because they belong here and contribute to a sense of place.

But this book provided additional reasons, backed by solid scientific research, for our belief in the value of native plants.

It also explained why there's such an urgent need for us to take action in our own yard.

And the experiences Dr. Tallamy shares have inspired us to continue.

Living LandscapeFurther information and inspiration by Darke and Tallamy - Awesome!

Besides Bringing Nature Home, here are some of our other favorite resources for habitat gardening.

HGCNY handouts to download

Handout(Enlarge) ©Janet Allen
The front of our plant handout

Our local Wild Ones chapter, Habitat Gardening in Central New York, has some handouts on a variety of topics. Most are two pages, which can be printed on one page, front and back in order to conserve paper.

NOTE: There is nothing on these handouts that isn't on this website, but sometimes it's convenient to print out some info for other people.

Here are our handouts: