The Great Backyard Bird Count

Mourning dove©Janet Allen We love watching mourning doves. They don't seem to be the brightest birds, though. This one just sat there, letting snow accumulate on its back.

The Great Backyard Bird Count takes place for four days surrounding a weekend each February. When combined with the Christmas Bird Count and Project Feederwatch data it gives a good picture of the state of our winter birds.

We've participated in this project since 2001. I don't think we've ever missed a year.

Each year these data are collected makes the data more valuable and meaningful. Results from checklists submitted are available on the web.

I like this project since this simple project has probably one of the largest participation rates of any citizen science project. It's good to feel part of such a large effort. As we're counting birds those four days, I always picture all the other people all over the country doing the same thing.

When we happened to be in North Carolina during the count week, we counted birds down there instead. It was interesting to see birds different from those we have here in New York.

In 2014, I was able to use the BirdLog mobile app with our new iPhone. It was so much easier and probably more accurate since the elapsed time counting was done automatically.